Registered Osteopath & Advanced Medical Acupuncturist

Registered with the General Osteopathic Council under number 6429


Tejen began training at the British school Of Osteopathy in 2002 where he was treating patients from 2005. Upon graduating in 2007 from what is now the University College of Osteopaths he immediately set up Chapel Place Osteopaths, which has become a busy practice serving Tunbridge Wells and the surrounding areas. He also runs patient lists with Sheelagh Pluckrose in Crowborough and with AG Pusey associates in Haywards heath.

Tejen has helped a very broad range of patients at his own practice and working in specialist clinics aimed at helping adults with disabilities and the elderly, babies and pregnant women, children with developmental problems, sports people, martial artists, singers actors and dancers.

Using both structural and cranial techniques, alongside occasional medical acupuncture, his overall approach is aimed at helping patients understand why their problem has occurred. This allows his treatment and advice to be specific so that each individual patient can make changes in their own life to help themselves.

A keen cyclist, swimmer and more recently a runner, Tejen has a first hand understanding of the biomechanics and potential problems involved in these activities and consequently he enjoys helping people to overcome sports injuries and achieve their best in these disciplines. With a lifelong interest in music he also enjoys using osteopathy to help singers and musicians to improve their performance.

As a registered osteopath Tejen completes in excess of 90 hours of continual professional development over the course of 3 year cycles. His areas of recent specialist focus have included:

  • Paediatric Osteopathy.
  • Medical Acupuncture for Osteopaths
  • Advanced spinal manipulation
  • Chronic Pain Management and Neurology
  • Cervical (Neck) spine manipulation – safety and consent.
  • Shoulder orthopaedics.

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