Back Pain Advice for patients.

Most back pain is of non-sinister nature. Even so it can be extremely painful leading to uncertainty about what to do.

Movement is the answer
A combination of both movement and rest can help. Whilst movement may aggravate the pain it is important that you stay mobile to prevent your body from seizing up protectively. If there is a simple inflammatory problem present such as a strain to spinal joint of disc, regular movement will help recycle inflammatory fluids and promote quicker healing.
Therefore the best approach is to rest in a comfortable position for only a short while like ha;f an hour, and then to try to walk for about 5 minutes. This is particularly important if you work sitting down.

Osteopaths don’t have prescription rights, however over the counter medicine can help.
Paracetamol and ibruprofen may reduce pain which is particularly important if allows you to move your body with some regularity. Ibruprofen is an anti-inflammatory medication and therefore may reduce tissue inflammation that is causing your pain.
Note – patients during their fist 30 weeks of pregnancy and those with high stomach acidity, digestive problems high blood pressure cardiovascular are often advised against taking ibruprofen and other NSAIDS. Seek advice from your GP if you fit these categories.

Ice and Heat
Ice can reduce inflammation and is particularly effective at doing this in peripheral joints in the arms and legs. For some people it may also produce this result in the neck and back. It is most effective if used as soon as an injury occurs.. Some people find it reduces the sensation of pain.
Use an ice pack or a bag of frozen peas, covered in a thin t-shirt to protect the skin for 3 to 5 minutes at a time.
Heat can reduce muscle tension, stiffness and reduce pain sensation and feel comforting. A heat pack or hot water bottle is ideal. Take care not to burn yourself.
Ice or heat which is best. The bottom line is individual preference. If it feels good, its probably right for you. See this link for the current science on ice and heat


The videos below show back pain/neck pain/trapped nerve exercises

Knee hugging & Knee circling – exercises to help back pain & sciatica

Glute Stretching – exercises to help back pain & hip pain

Shoulder rolling – exercises to help shoulder and neck pain

Tennis elbow exercises – exercises for tennis elbow and RSI

Superman exercise – exercises for low back pain and sciatica

Cat and cow exercise – exercises for low back pain and sciatica

Child pose – exercises for low back pain and sciatica

Side bending – exercises for sciatica and trapped nerves

Shoulder rolling – exercises to help neck and shoulder pain

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