Claudia Atteih
During self-isolation due to the Coronavirus crisis, I threw my back out for the first time in my life, causing me to be in a lot of pain and unable to move much. I was unsure of what to do due the current public situation. After phoning various Osteopaths, I unfortunately could not get through to one. I finally called Chapel Place Osteopaths and Tejen was able to arrange for me to have an appointment over video call. He was extremely helpful and gave me advice/exercises to work on which were really helpful and helped my pain to subside in the following  days. He was extremely comforting to speak to and really listened to my concerns. I would definitely recommend his video call service during this time if you are in a similar situation.

Charles Russell
Tejen was the only osteopath in Tunbridge Wells who was prepared to see me as an emergency over a weekend when I put my back out. He gave up his family time to help me on a Saturday night when my back went into spasm. He is a very professional, competent osteopath and I would recommend him highly.

Peter Amor
I first met Tejen when I had severe Sciatica. I was in quite a lot of pain and couldn’t stand up straight. I’d tried a lot of other types of treatments, but I was too far along for any of them to make a difference and they caused me more pain. After just a few appointments with Tejen, I started to become mobile again and soon got back to full health. He makes the process very informal and friendly and the treatment itself is very simple and pain free – but very effective. I’d highly recommend an appointment if you are suffering with any persistent aches and pains or nerve issues.

Tejen has been helping me with my lower back pain. After a few sessions I could already feel a massive improvement. I highly recommend him.

Stephanie Waite
Fully recommend Tejen, extremely friendly and so helpful, the difference after just one session was amazing. Wouldn’t hesitate in recommending to everyone.

Nusrat Wahid
Mr Majumdar was recommended to me by my GP. I had injured myself during a Pilates session and was suffering from continuous pain for 6 weeks. After 3 sessions with Mr Majumdar, I am doing so much better. I am very thankful to him.

Jennifer Webster
I was offered an appointment on the day I rang with Tejen. Absolutely first class, treatment, I was out of pain the next day. I would definitely recommend this practice.

Sarah Griffiths
I went to see Tejen as I was experiencing pain in my hip and after just one session it has improved so much. I would highly recommend him.

Samantha Donovan
Tejen is the only Osteopath that’s corrected my pelvis and spine, he saved me from surgery. If I could rate his treatments they would be 6 star! Thank you Tejen

Dana Lahav
Tejen is very professional and friendly osteopath. He treated me during my pregnancies a well as for various injuries. Tejen is always happy to accommodate me on short notice when possible. I have seen him few times with acute pain and he was able to help me every time.

Linsey Archer
I would highly recommend Tejen. He has helped me incredibly. Thank you.

Reece Hollamby
Tejen has helped me through six months to manage my chronic back pain. I had been off work and Tejen’s professionalism and knowledge has helped not only significantly reduce my back pain, but also get me back into work (something other practitioners had not been able to do). He is both friendly and professional, and I couldn’t recommend him highly enough. He is also very flexible when it comes to fitting in appointments and will go above and beyond for his clients.

Sonja Simpraga
I had a great experience and would highly recommend Tejen – he’s very professional, trustworthy and friendly! I’ve had neck pain for years and this is the first treatment that has substantially helped me & gave hope again!

Mela Simpraga
I first saw Tejen about two months ago, following an extremely intense pain I felt in my lower back. I could barely move at first, but after the second treatment I already felt a big improvement. Tejen is obviously very experienced, but also very personable and has been supportive throughout. After each treatment I felt a huge step forward and lightness in my lower back. Along the way, he also fixed the long standing tigthens in my neck/shoulder area, which was a bonus! I’d highly recommend him. Thanks Tejen!

Becky Randall
A professional and friendly service. Tejen has helped me through two pregnancies suffering from lower back pain and problems to do with my neck. Would highly recommend.

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