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Chapel Place Osteopaths is now open for face to face treatments, but we continue to offer online video consultations to give you the best diagnosis, advice and support to help you resolve the physical challenges you face if you are still unable to attend the clinic.
Over 80% of our diagnosis relies on detailed case history questions and observation of your posture and movement. This is why video consultations are proving and excellent alternative. Hands on treatment is beneficial but our approach at Chapel Place Osteopaths is to empower you with the best advice on exercise rehabilitation and on improving how you work, sit and sleep. Along with advising you on how to tweak your own approach to exercise and nutrition, this is what makes the difference to resolving your physical problems as permanently as possible.  Its what YOU do that makes the difference.

How it works
We tend to use Whatsapp for a video link. If you prefer we can try to accommodate a different application.
Download WhatsApp here https://www.whatsapp.com/download
It can be handy sometimes to have someone with you to act as a camera operator.

Ideally, you need good Wi-Fi, a well-lit room and up to 1 hour free for the consultation. 

During self-isolation due to the Coronavirus crisis, I threw my back out for the first time in my life, causing me to be in a lot of pain and unable to move much. I was unsure of what to do due the current public situation. After phoning various Osteopaths, I unfortunately could not get through to one. I finally called Chapel Place Osteopaths and Tejen was able to arrange for me to have an appointment over video call. He was extremely helpful and gave me advice/exercises to work on which were really helpful and helped my pain to subside in the following  days. He was extremely comforting to speak to and really listened to my concerns. I would definitely recommend his video call service during this time if you are in a similar situation.

Claudia Atteih

What we can include.
A detailed case history covering your present problem, medical history and lifestyle.
Physical examination of you standing and moving. This will cover your posture, which parts of you do and don’t move well and what aggravates and relives your symptoms. If you wish, the video link also presents a unique assess how your sofas, chairs, desks set-ups and beds may be contributing to your problem.
Explanation of our working diagnosis, the tissues involved and potential recovery time.
A demonstration of self-treatment techniques or simple safe, techniques someone you live with may be able to administer.
A rehabilitation exercise programme to suit your specific needs, ensuring you understand how to do each one safely and correctly. Video links will be available for you to check back on what we discuss.
Advice on lifestyle changes and how to adapt to your environment and current way of life to ease your pain.

Note: if we believe an Osteopathic approach is not the answer we will refer you to the correct service.

Through this approach we aim to get you out of pain and back to normal life as quickly as possible.

The cost will be less than 50% of our normal fees

Initial consultation  £25

Subsequent consultations £20

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