There are a number or reasons for hip pain, many of which can be helped by visiting an osteopath.

Hip Pain can be caused by tight, strained or overused hip muscles or by the hip joint itself. Hip pain may result from a specific injury or be related to the way you sit, move and stand. Often pain felt in the hip area is caused by structures in the back and gluteal muscles and sometimes by trapped nerves over the hip joint or lower back. Osteoarthritis in the hip joint is another leading cause of hip pain.

How Osteopathy can help hip pain 

At Chapel Place Osteopaths we aim to give you a good understanding of why you have hip pain and where it is actually coming from. We will look at the way your hip moves but also how it works in relation to areas like your lower back, knees and feet.

Treatment is aimed at improving the way the hip moves. We may strengthen, stretch or gently massage your hip muscles, stretch the hip joint to reduce tension and improve joint mobility and also work on related problems like backache. Whilst Osteopathy can’t cure hip arthritis it may help relieve arthritic pain, improve movement and reduce the load placed on the joint by ensuring the rest of you body is moving well.

X-rays, scans and other tests are sometimes required for diagnosis so we may referto your GP or a specialist for any additional investigations or treatment.

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