Whilst pregnancy can be an amazing, unique experience each trimester of pregnancy can present physical challenges.

When you’re pregnant, your body is going through significant rapid changes and your centre of gravity will shift as your bump gets bigger. Curves may become more pronounced in each spinal area and the hips rotate outwards. The body starts to produce the hormone Relaxin, designed to increase blood flow and relax the ligaments in the pelvic region. Combined with a gradual increase in weight, these notable physical changes can impact on our muscles, nerves, joints and ligaments, and how we feel in ourselves.

The physical exertion on our bodies during birth and an immediate shift in the centre of gravity post-birth may also result in a lot of physical strain.

How Osteopathy can help during Pregnancy.

At Chapel Place Osteopaths we frequently treat mums to be at all stages during pregnancy. Luckily the changes that occur in each trimester are predictable, allowing us to quickly manage and resolve the problems your experiencing, as well as pre-empting other issues you might be likely to develop.

Back pain, hip pain, sacroiliac problems and trapped nerves/sciatica are common issues that we are effective at resolving. In the same way we treat these problems in those who are not pregnant, we use gentle, non invasive techniques to decompress lower back and hip structures whilst ensuring the rest of the body moves as freely to reduce further strain.

An increase in the kyphosis, the forward curve of the thoracic spine, may present local discomfort or neck pain from a change in posture. As ribs are pushed outwards their mobility is reduced, sometimes causing discomfort, and the diaphragm (linked to heart burn) and pelvic floor are placed under more strain. The joint at front of the pelvis may also be loosened by Relaxin and subject to strain when weight bearing (Pubic Symphysis Dysfynction), as can the coccyx joint. Direct and indirect Osteopathic treatment is a good way to relieve these problems.

At Chapel Place Osteopaths our overall aim is to ensure you have the most comfortable pregnancy possible and to help you prepare for the easiest delivery. In some cases we provide special support belts to help back and pelvic pain. We may give exercises specific for you and guidance on where to seek local pregnancy yoga and pilates classes. If it’s something you are interested in Medical Acupuncture works well for nausea and vomiting in the early months of pregnancy and back pain in later pregnancy.

Osteopathy during pregnancy carries no extra risk. Along with a standard case history we gather information relevant to your pregnancy and monitor any changes at each treatment. We are able to spot problems Osteopaths cant help and will refer you quickly to your GP or consultant should the need arise.

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