The sinuses are air-filled chambers found in the bones of your forehead, cheeks and behind your nose. Linking directly to your nose their function is to humidify the air, as it journeys to the lungs and to trap dust and bacteria in the mucus produced by the lymphatic membranes. Dust and bacteria can then be removed from the sinuses by swallowing the mucus or nose blowing. In viral or bacterial sinusitis the sinus linings become inflamed causing the drainage of the mucus to become restricted. This can present as facial pain/swelling, headaches, blocked nose, a heaviness or pressure feeling in the face, yellow/green mucus from the nose or a persistent cough.

How Osteopathy can help Sinusitis and Sinus pain

At Chapel Place Osteopaths we have a special interest in treating Sinusitis.

The aim of treatment is to help drain both the Sinus cavities and lymphatic tissue that surrounds them. Techniques include lymphatic drainage of the neck and face using firm downward brushing motions and Thoracic pumping which combines manual pumping and breathing techniques to help loosen and drain gunk from your Sinus tissue. We also use soft tissue techniques at facial, jaw and neck muscles as well as mobilising, percussing and pumping nasal and facial bones. Where appropriate Cranial techniques may be applied as well as medical acupuncture to relieve sinus pain. We will also address jaw, neck, chest and spine neuro-musculo-skeletal function to give you the best chance of recovery. 

If necessary we may liaise with your GP regarding medication and further investigations such as CT scans or ENT referrals.

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